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How it Works:  3 Simple Steps

We Get to Know You

No two candidates are the same, and you shouldn't be treated the same. That's why we ask you about your ideal organization and strong interests and administer comprehensive assessments and reference checks.

Personalized Suggestions

We are not a job board that 'spams' resumes everywhere. We will hand curate the best 3-5 companies for your and make an introduction based on the highest-quality matches in our system.

Smart Profle

Applying to, and finding new jobs, will always be easy. We will keep an adaptive, learning profile so you only have to do these tests one time - and then you will be able to find jobs for the length of your subscription.

Case Study: Bob Davis

Great Sales People deserve Great Sales Jobs

Bob wanted to find a new position as a sales manager in an automotive dealer.  He had a career, he wanted a position where he loved the organization and ‘fit’, and where he could grow into a General Manager role.

Great Sales Jobs are Hard to Find

We make it easier.  We found Bob a hi-quality match with a leading Car Company in his local Cincinnati area within 2 weeks.  Bob is now their acting head of Sales and managing a team, and is very happy with the move.

*Real client, name changed

“I have been in automotive sales all my life.  My Dad was in the business his whole life.  I have had some good jobs, and some bad jobs – but found me a great job – one of the best.”  Bob Davis

About us

We use machine learning, assessments and advanced talent analytics to help companies and talent find each other.

Our mission

To connect great sales talent with great sales jobs.

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Thank you for your interest.  Our passion is finding great sales jobs for great sales people.

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