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How it Works:  3 Simple Steps


We search our database of over 20,000 scored sales candidates, post to 50+ job boards, and then use social search and referrals to cast the widest possible net


We apply machine learning models built on data of top sales performers and add in human professionals who have reviewed more than 10,000 applicants. We use assessments, reference checks and audio interview data to grade each candidate


We take into account your particular organizational culture and preferences to recommend only the top 3 candidates you need to focus on, then we book interviews at times that are most convenient for you

Case Study: Sales Roads

Hiring SDR’s is Hard

Salesroads gets 4,000 applicants every year for its Sales Development Rep (SDR) positions.  They turned to to get better hires, faster. And they are happy with the results.

They are not alone.  Viking River Cruises is the world leader in premium cruises with thousands of employees and hundreds of salespeople.  They also work with us.

Both companies know that > 50% of SDR’s leave in the 6 months and  that this is a pain that nearly all companies with sales teams face.

SDR’s are a demanding position to hire for where the best applicants are often straight from college, with no relevant job experience.

It is hard to screen for future success in this role.

Entry level SDR’s, on average, take weeks to months to hire, 3 months to ‘ramp up’ to full productivity, and the recruitment and training costs are high. But SDR’s still tend to last only 12-16 months industry-wide. Make Your Next Hire

“Our company gets over 3,000 applicants each year, and still struggled to find the perfect fit. This is a life saver” 

Jesse Leeds, Head of HR at Salesroads


We use machine learning, assessments and advanced talent analytics to help companies and talent find each other.

Our mission

To connect great sales talent with great sales jobs.

So You Need a Great Salesperson?

Perfect.  We stay up nights and work weekends finding company-transforming talent for great organizations. 

So, if you are have a need for top sales talent, get in touch.