Where Great Sales Talent
Finds Great Sales Jobs


Personalized Attention

No two candidates or companies are the same. That's why we use a systematic process to learn who are, and what you want and need in your next job hire.

Extensive Sourcing

We use automation to search more than 30,000 historical candidate and job records, and add in social search, and referrals to find the best sales talent and sales jobs

Reference Checking

We check references and company cultures, so each side knows what they're getting

Accurate Assessments

We use detailed candidate and company assessments to get a much deeper look into who people and organizations are

Phone Interviews

We use detailed structured interviews of both the hiring company and the candidate to get the best data

Advanced Algorithms

Our machine learning models have seen over ten thousand cases and achieved 97% accuracy with human raters for clients

Our experts

Tom is the former co-founder of AND 1, an over $200 Million dollar basketball clothing and apparel brand. He is the also the co-founder of Talytica, a business that uses Machine Learning and assessments to build custom predictive talent analytics.

Tom Austin


Sri is the acting CEO of Talytica, and a former Senior partner with McKinsey consulting.  He has been building and running sales teams for leading enterprise clients for more than a decade.   He has extensive experience in everything from call centers to B2B and SaaS enterprise sales.


“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used talent.fit, I had trouble finding the time to hire quality candidates.  When I posted to job boards, I rushed the job descriptions and didn’t source as widely as possible.  As a result, I either got nobody back or was drowned in low-quality applicants. 

 Now, I get 2-3 high-quality people with all the information I need to make a decision.”

About us

We use machine learning, assessments and advanced talent analytics to help companies and talent find each other.

Our mission

To connect great sales talent with great sales jobs.